Friends for life: this duck saved his pooch friend from depression! 8/28/2016 • Barb Lenn

Jacquie Litton, this pooch's owner, didn't know how to help her beloved pet through depression. The solution to the problem showed up right in their yard!

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This moving poem about finding love at 85 will bring tears to your eyes 8/26/2016 • Polly

The character of this story has finally found the love of his life at the age of 85...

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Do you still think crocheting is a feminine hobby? Look at this guy's works! 8/21/2016 • Stephanie Nixon

Crocheting is a process that can help to calm and settle one's mind. But some crocheters create funny and amusing stuff, expressing the most challenging ideas with their hook.

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Are we alone in the universe: should this question be asked? 8/20/2016 • Diane McKenzie

The number of potentially habitable planets found by earthly astronomers is growing. They vary in size and distance to their stars, and life can theoretically originate on any of them...

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