Welcome to Lisbon - one of the coolest and most atmospheric cities in Europe 9/19/2016 • larry winsor

Great cuisine, stunning views, amazing nightlife, old historical castles, and fabulous modern buildings... Are you ready for an imaginary journey to the greatest city of Portugal?

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8 surprising facts about salt you might have never heard before 9/17/2016 • Polly

Do you think you know everything about the most amazing mineral on the planet?

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The touching moment: the best father in the world sings his cute baby to sleep 9/16/2016 • Laslo Bako

Watch this video and you will understand that this man can be identified as "the husband every woman prays for".

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What causes hiccups? This educational video throws light on the nature of this phenomenon. 9/15/2016 • Russell Leiding

Watch this to find out more about hiccuping and hear the curious story about the longest recorded case of hiccups in history.

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25 mind-blowing facts about wild animals 9/14/2016 • Joyce Harris

Nature is still mysterious. There are so many different creatures in the world with unique qualities we don't know about!

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The last trip: this man travels around the country with his dog diagnosed with cancer 9/13/2016 • Dale

Get ready for another touching story of a lifelong friendship between a man and his beloved pet...

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A mom turns healthy food into cartoons to get her son to like it! 9/12/2016 • David Pafford

Everybody knows that children are picky eaters. Loving parents try different approaches, but the one invented by this mom is ingenious!

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