Do You Know How 'Tasty' Hot Dogs Are Actually Made? We Will Show You The Disgusting Reality! 11/25/2015 • Cherlyn Asbury

Well, if you are fond of fast food, we have bad news for you. So you'd better ask yourself twice before you watch an in-depth video that meticulously charts the disgusting procedure of hot dog making. We have already sworn off fast food for life!

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Welcome to the fairy-tale: world's most beautiful streets shaded by flowers and trees. 11/24/2015 • Rafael Flores

Ordinary streets are boring and sometimes even untidy. However, THESE streets are special. Mother Nature shaded them by trees and flowers, thus making them picturesque and ever beautiful. Watch & enjoy!

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Street photographer captures all aspects of urban life in NY! 11/23/2015 • Allison Posner

Phil Penman, a 38-year-old British photographer, takes pictures of New York. His aim is not to show the famous sights of the city, but to render the spirit of “The Big Apple”. We think he has reached his aim! And what is your opinion?

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#Geography #photography

An Artist Turned A Gothic Chapel Into A Marvelous Night Sky! 11/22/2015 • Alma Jara

Have you ever heard about Miguel Chevalier? He is one of the best known digital projection artists. This time, he turned the 16th-century King's College Chapel into a backdrop for his amazing light show. The chapel was filled with the hypnotizing starlight!

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#Geography #art

We need meow more cats! Meet 12 types of the fluffy buddies 11/21/2015 • Kelly Martin

We love cats and we are pretty sure that every cat is adorable. Cats are unique and beautiful. They are smart, though sometimes they can be annoying - they can even graze you. Yet, we believe it’s possible to at least try and classify them. Can you find your cat among these 12?

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An unusual hotel in Tokyo for people who like to read in bed 11/20/2015 • Stephanie Nixon

Many people like books, but there are some who even fall asleep holding a book. For such people Japanese designers created a unique “Book and Bed” hotel that opened its doors to guests on the 5th of November, 2015.

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#Geography #literature

This video will introduce you to the most wonderful interpretation of 'Take Me to Church' by Hozier! 11/19/2015 • Deborah

Everybody knows this beautiful and soulful song which has already become an international hit. But have you seen it coupled with the raw and expressive dance piece? Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin makes the song even better - with the new layer of powerful emotion.

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#music #art

This experiment proves that photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what's in front of it 11/18/2015 • Barb Lenn

Canon carried out an interesting experiment, when six photographers were asked to take pictures of one and the same man. The results were rather surprising.

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#psychology #photography

20 perfectly timed pics that will make you laugh out loud! 11/17/2015 • wilson

You know, taking a photo has lots in common with art. You have to capture something at just the right moment, still, you may never get the exact pic that you want. All you need is perfect timing as it can turn the pic into a fascinating illusion or a killingly funny coincidence.

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Simpsonize me! These caricature portraits will make you smile! 11/16/2015 • chrissy

A young artist creates funny real life people's caricatures and makes the world smile. He says that there is nothing more pleasant than drawing a caricature portrait. We do believe him!

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