Most adorable snakes and their fancy hats! 11/15/2015 • Gloria Vargas

Some people say that snakes and hats go together like baked-potato and pancakes. Why then people start putting hats on their snakes? The answer is - because it makes every snake look fantastically cute!

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The incredible "Cloud Tsunami" startled the residents of Sidney! 11/14/2015 • Carla

Can you believe your eyes? It does look like a severe thunderstorm, yet it is just a shelf cloud. The approaching "wave" rolled along the coast of Sydney, warning people for heavy rainfall and damaging winds

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20 charming watercolor paintings that won't leave you indifferent! 11/13/2015 • amalia

The 4th International Watercolor Society Arts Contest has been recently held in Bornova Izmir, Turkey. The contestants from all over the world displayed their artworks. The judges were impressed by the creativity and beauty of the paintings and had a difficult task to select the winners. We offer you to contemplate the best works from this contest.

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10 real-life historical sites that inspired Disney's animators! 11/12/2015 • Elizabeth Bandayrel

Do you really think that the beautiful worlds of Disney are just works of splendid imagination? Well, we think that even dreamers are inspired by something beautiful. Compare some of Disney's iconic locations with their real-life counterparts - they will make you believe in magic too!

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#Geography #History #Movies & TV #art

These incredible flower lamps "bloom" when you stand under them! 11/11/2015 • Carry Baker

Have you ever seen a dynamic street installation? "Warde" is one of such urban installations. It is located in the heart of Jerusalem and every pedestrian in Vallero Square can stop under the giant flowers to make them bloom!

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#Geography #art

Natural surrealistic landscapes that will boggle your mind 11/10/2015 • Joyce Harris

Our nature is the best artist. It seems that its imagination is really inexhaustible. Some landscapes look as if they were created by an invisible yet talented surrealist. Don’t you believe us? Then look at the following photos from around the world!

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#Geography #photography

Exciting math: the infinite hotel paradox 11/9/2015 • Brooke Becker

German mathematician David Hilbert created this famous paradox about an infinite hotel in the 1920s. Hilbert wanted to show that it is rather hard to wrap our minds around the concept of infinity. You are welcome to watch the video and check it for yourself!

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20 Photos That Prove Cats Are Actually Bad Guys! 11/8/2015 • shari

Do you really think that all cats are cute and sweet? Hell NO!

These little sadists enjoy every moment of your pain and discomfort! Don't you believe us? Then, check these insidious buddies right now!

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Wonderful photo project by a Canadian artist that shows harmony between humans and nature. 11/7/2015 • chrissy

Gregory Colbert is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker who is famous for his wonderful project “Ashes and Snow” that comprises artworks and films. Now the works are being exhibited in the Nomadic Museum. Colbert sees himself as Mother Nature’s disciple and tries to show the sacred connection between animals and people.

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What do you know about beauty standards? American women vs Time and fashion! 11/6/2015 • Kelly Martin

We have shown you 100 years of American men's fashion. Now, we will speak about women! It seems that ladies have always known how to be stylish. Modern women have more opportunities to look fancy, though even a hundred years ago every woman did her best in order to follow hot fashion trends.

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