The story of a rescued Biscuits - it will make your eyes rain tears of joy 11/30/2015 • chrissy

Biscuits is a southern flying squirrel who was found half dead, lying on the sidewalk by one good guy. He picked her up and posted pictures on the internet that very day. Everybody told him that the squirrel would die as he is not an animal rehabber.

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Why Do People In Old Movies Talk Weird? 11/29/2015 • Russell Leiding

Have you ever watched a black-and-white movie? We have watched some and now we wonder why the actors sound so funny? Hopefully, we managed to find an answer to the question. Just watch this video as it explains why the people in old movies might have such a strange accent or dialect!

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#History #language #Movies & TV

The Tawny Frogmouth - the cutest owl-like bird ever! 11/28/2015 • Raytheda Peacock

Tawny Frogmouths live in Australia. Why are they called "Frog mouths"? That's because of their huge, wide and funny mouths, which make them look like fluffy little chicks. Check them right now - they are adorable!

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The Japanese village Nagoro is populated mostly with dolls! 11/27/2015 • Teresa Jahnke

This Japan’s village located in the valleys of Shikoku is a home to 37 people and about 350 dolls! We bet this is one of the most unusual places you have ever seen!

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Even Darth Vader Has to Live an Ordinary Life! Watch How He Does it! 11/26/2015 • Dale

YES! At last we are able to understand that the Sith Lord is just a normal guy with everyday life problems that have to be solved. Let's find out how he does it!

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Do You Know How 'Tasty' Hot Dogs Are Actually Made? We Will Show You The Disgusting Reality! 11/25/2015 • Cherlyn Asbury

Well, if you are fond of fast food, we have bad news for you. So you'd better ask yourself twice before you watch an in-depth video that meticulously charts the disgusting procedure of hot dog making. We have already sworn off fast food for life!

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Welcome to the fairy-tale: world's most beautiful streets shaded by flowers and trees. 11/24/2015 • Rafael Flores

Ordinary streets are boring and sometimes even untidy. However, THESE streets are special. Mother Nature shaded them by trees and flowers, thus making them picturesque and ever beautiful. Watch & enjoy!

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Street photographer captures all aspects of urban life in NY! 11/23/2015 • Allison Posner

Phil Penman, a 38-year-old British photographer, takes pictures of New York. His aim is not to show the famous sights of the city, but to render the spirit of “The Big Apple”. We think he has reached his aim! And what is your opinion?

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#Geography #photography

An Artist Turned A Gothic Chapel Into A Marvelous Night Sky! 11/22/2015 • Alma Jara

Have you ever heard about Miguel Chevalier? He is one of the best known digital projection artists. This time, he turned the 16th-century King's College Chapel into a backdrop for his amazing light show. The chapel was filled with the hypnotizing starlight!

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#Geography #art

We need meow more cats! Meet 12 types of the fluffy buddies 11/21/2015 • Kelly Martin

We love cats and we are pretty sure that every cat is adorable. Cats are unique and beautiful. They are smart, though sometimes they can be annoying - they can even graze you. Yet, we believe it’s possible to at least try and classify them. Can you find your cat among these 12?

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