An american artist creates amazing art objects by tearing them apart! 10/9/2015 • Mireya Rodriguez

What do you think art is? Valery Hegarty is an American artist who presents her own point of view. She creates surrealistic installations that fascinate and scare you at the same time.

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9 cool facts about ice on the Earth! 10/8/2015 • Carry Baker

Today scientists know 16 crystalline forms of ice. The last one discovered in 2009 exists under the pressure of 10,000 atm and at the temperature of -238 ⁰F (-150 ⁰C).

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More Than 8,400 Amazing Images From NASA's Moon Missions Are Now Available In High Resolution! 10/7/2015 • Fredy

Have you seen something like that before? We bet that you haven't! More than 8,000 images from the legendary Moon missions are now available at high resolution!

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The Glass Sky Pool is to Be Suspended Above London Streets! 10/6/2015 • M.

Up in the air! Architects are never tired of surprising us with their crazy ideas. Today they again prepared something special: an all glass swimming pool...but there is one more thing about the project that will surely blow your mind.

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Photographers spent 32 days to take a picture of this gigantic tree! 10/5/2015 • The Happy One

This colossal sequoia tree is not only extremely high, but very old as well: it started growing about 3200 years ago! Because of the tremendous size and location amid the forest, it was impossible to take a photo of the whole tree. National Geographic team was the first to do it!

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In 1961 a Soviet general practitioner had to perform surgery on himself! 10/4/2015 • Porsche Presley

This incredible story happened during the 6th Soviet Antarctic expedition. The 27-year-old Leonid Rogozov was the only doctor in the team of 15 researchers. On April 29, 1961 Leonid suddenly felt sick. Being an experienced doctor, the man diagnosed acutely inflamed appendix.

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The bizarre beauty of the ocean that will boggle your mind 10/3/2015 • juliet shaffer

There is nothing more mysterious than the ocean and its inhabitants. Don't you believe us? Then, you just HAVE to watch the amazing video about the strangest marine animals. We promise that you will never be the same!

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#Geography #Science #animals #art

12 astonishing works by street artists that amazed people in 2015 10/1/2015 • Roxanne

Street artists from all over the world keep fascinating people by their paintings and sculptures. Their imagination seems inexhaustible and their style is unique and bright. We have prepared a shortlist of 12 best creations that have impressed people in different countries this year.

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The longest 600-feet-high glass bridge for thrill-seeking tourists! 9/30/2015 • Tanya Bacon

This scary bridge was built in the Chinese province of Hunan between two edges of a deep canyon. Tourists have already nicknamed it "Hero Bridge": one can be called a real hero if he/she has the heart to walk the whole way from one side to the other.

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A teen girl saves a dying horse and it changes the lives of both 9/29/2015 • Virginia34

It was a chance encounter on a country road, but it changed the lives of two creatures: a teenage girl Kelsey Allonge and a horse. This touching story of real friendship won't leave anybody indifferent!

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