An incredible social experiment! This is how people react when they are told that they are beautiful! 12/11/2015 • ally

Have you ever been told that you are beautiful? 18-year-old high school student decided to conduct an experiment. She asked people (most of them she didn't know) to pose in front of her camera and then she told them the magical phrase: "I take pictures of things I find beautiful".

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These baby turtles are so cute! Find your favorite! 12/10/2015 • Ashes to ashes

Well, some of them are not babies...but they are sweet anyway! By the way, about a week ago there was a special day for them - International Ninja Day which is celebrated on the 5th of December. We all know that turtles are the greatest ninjas of all time, so let's find the cutest ninja ever!

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Stunning new project of a 117-meter building covered with evergreen trees! 12/9/2015 • oro1

Stefano Boeri is an Italian architect who is really fond of innovative technologies and tries to employ them in his every project. For example, now the architect is planning to construct a 36-floor tower all covered with trees and bushes.

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#Geography #Science #inspiration

One more story of people's kindness or the rescue of Sir Silas! 12/8/2015 • Terry

Do you remember the story of the rescued Biscuits? Well, today we will tell you about another lucky guy. His name is Silas. He was found sick and hungry on the side of the road by Florida family. They adopted him and nursed him back to health. Now he is healthy and plump.

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World's most magical forests that should be visited and admired! 12/7/2015 • Terry

Are you lucky enough to live aside from hipsters and megathrust earthquakes? Then, you have some beautiful forests around you to set foot in. However, we want to show you the most magnificent forests, full of the massive trees, moss and ferns. Prepare for magic!

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This railway line in Hanoi is several inches away from the doorsteps of buildings! 12/6/2015 • Muhammad Rasheed

This railway road passes through an old commercial and residential neighborhood of Hanoi, Vietnam. It wouldn’t attract our attention if it weren’t right in-between houses, just a few inches from the doorways!

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What color of the pills do you see? The new illusion to rival THAT dress! 12/5/2015 • Lynda Earls

We have already forgotten the story of THAT dress. And now we have a new optical illusion messing with human mind. This visual trick became so popular that even a top scientist used it at the social network's annual conference. So, tell us: what color are these pills?

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10 wonderful art projects that will amaze you! 12/4/2015 • richmond

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of the human fantasy, but we shall try to do it, as we really want you to see how amazing the power of a creative brain is. Explore the world with us!

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#art #photography

The most fashionable grandpa has more style than modern hipsters 12/3/2015 • Darrell Goolsby

Fashion is for everybody - that's what Günther Krabbenhöft tries to say and he looks fabulous! This elderly gentleman has always dressed like a dandy and finds his dresses pretty normal. Well, we are impressed!

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One of the most touching Christmas fairy-tales will make you long for this holiday! 12/2/2015 • Russell Leiding

Do you believe in magic? We have watched this video and now we truly do...We believe in people's kindness and generosity. And we want you to belive in goodness too!

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