Do you like to chat? Then, you know that nothing can express your feelings better than emoji.

You don’t have to type a single word: when you feel sad, you just send a crying emoji to your conversation partner and he or she will understand that you are asking for some kind of moral support. The same thing happens when you are angry: when somebody tries to piss you off, give him a poop (an emoji, for sure) to show that his or her opinion is VERY important for you (actually, it is not).

Emoji can help you to hide your genuine emotions too. What if you do not want to offend a person who send you something boring? You can answer him or her with a smiling emoji and that will be enough for your conversation partner to understand that you pay attention to what he or she wants to share with you.

We think it will be great to know what emoji resembles you most. What kind of emoji lies behind your personality? You are welcome to share your result in the comments below!

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