Can You Hunt Down The Thanksgiving Turkey Hiding In Each Of These Images?

There can be no Thanksgiving dinner if you can't hunt down a turkey to serve at it! Do you have what it takes to find the special bird hiding in each of these images?

#funny #holiday #vision

Do you have a good memory?

Do you have as good of a memory as you think you do?

#Personality #memory

How Well Do You Know Your Classic Literature?

Many incredible books have come from many incredible authors, but how well do you know these classics?

#knowledge #literature

Can You Still Pass The Math Section Of The ACTs?

No matter how long it's been since you last took a math class or the dreaded math section of the ACTs, the struggle remains. Can you still pass it? Try out these real practice ACT questions and find out!

#Science #knowledge

Can You Name the Authors of these Classic Books?

Only a true book lover will be able to answer all 21 questions correctly!

#knowledge #literature

Only 1 In 7 People Can Score 10/12 On This Thanksgiving Math Challenge!

More importantly, can you solve these puzzles without cheating? Put away your calculator and test yourself here!

#knowledge #holiday

Don't Take This Spelling Quiz If Your Have LOW IQ!!

  • You will pass this spelling test only if you'r IQ range is way above the average.

#IQ #language #knowledge

Only 1 In 3 Adults Can Get 100% On This 4th Grade Thanksgiving Spelling Test

This surprisingly tricky Turkey Day test can trip up even the strongest of spellers. Are you really smarter than a 4th grader? Find out here!

#language #knowledge #holiday

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