How Well Do You Know Your 90's Slang?

Aiight, dawg. You think you're da bomb when it comes to 90's slang?

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Is Your Brain More CAT or DOG?

Are you a dog or a cat person?

You may know which you prefer, but come find out which one you think most like!

Do you love cats? Do you really think that you have a lot in common with a stereotypical cat? These creatures are just being themselves - like humans do, but you have to admit that they can be a handful (by the way, just like dogs). They are independent, graceful and beautiful. They don't make messes like dogs do but they are hard to train. Moreover, most cats are lazy and sometimes even sneaky, while dogs are your most loyal friends.

Are you a dog person? Then, you know that a dog can be your best friend. Your dog will never betray you, while a cat can be absolutely indifferent to your love. A dog will be always happy to see you when you come home after work. However, some people believe that dogs sold dignity and independence for comfort and security.

So yes, we are really going to take the age-old debate of cat people VS dog people to a whole new level.

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Pick a Color and We’ll Tell You How Old You Are Inside

It's not for nothing that people often say age is just a number. The chances are you've met elderly people who still have an incredible amount of energy and optimism, and young people who just want peace and quiet. We at Bright Side recommend you give this unusual test a go to find out your inner age. Of course, the test doesn't come without a dose of humor, so don't take it too seriously. So, let's go!

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What Is Your Signature Flower?

Flowers can represent more than just beauty and nature.Let's find out what flower is yours!

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Test: How Well Do You Cope With Awkward Situations?

We all find ourselves in awkward situations from time to time. However, some people always seem to emerge from them unscathed, while for others they turn into a real source of stress.

We at Bright Side offer you the chance to take this fun quiz that will help you understand just how clumsy you can be.

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Groundhog Day Quiz: How Well Do You Know This February 2nd Tradition?

The Groundhog Day traditions are celebrated every year on February 2nd. According to historians, German settlers of Pennsylvania brought the tradition to America using groundhogs as the honorary animal during the annual event. Take the quiz to see how much you know about Groundhog Day!

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What Animal Is Your Aura?

What animal is your aura? Let us know in the comments!

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Test: calculate your body age

What time is it now according to your biological clock? This calculator has the answer!

I took this test and the results are not that inspiring.

Most people think that their age is perfectly reflected on their body. Well, it doesn’t. You may look young, you may be actually young, but your body is something you should always take care of. I’m 25 years old. Today I decided to calculate my body age and was terrified to know that my body is twice older my actual age. I guess now I should reconsider my diet and lifestyle. And what about you?

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Only 1 In 10 People Knows These Shocking Health Facts. Do You?

Keeping healthy is always a trick. Can you uncover the truly surprising nature of these health statistics?

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