Can You Correct These 21 Hilarious Spelling Mistakes?

True grammarians relish correcting the funny spelling mistakes they find in everyday life. Can you fix these laugh out loud funny grammatical mishaps?

#funny #language #knowledge

Only People With Superhuman Color Vision Can Ace This 5 Question Spelling Test

How well can you see these words camoflauged in color and guess the correct spelling?

#language #knowledge #vision

Only 5% Of Americans Still Remember The Grammar Rules They Learned In School

Only 5% of Americans still remember the basics of English grammar. Are you one of them? Let's find out!

#language #knowledge

Almost No One Can Pass The TOUGHEST Grammar Police Test! Can You?

Will you find yourself wearing the badge or behind grammar bars? Most people find themselves behind bars.... Good luck!!

#language #knowledge

Can You Tell British vs. American Spelling?

Do you know which country to use "theatre" and "theater" in?

#language #knowledge

Can You Pass This Mental Maths & Spelling Test?

You should be able to pass this test quite easily, these questions are in most 12 year olds textbooks....

#Science #language #knowledge

Can You Pass A British SAT Test In English Meant For Year 2 Pupils?

With the controversy surrounding this years SATs papers, do you think you could pass the test for 6 year olds?

#language #knowledge

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