Captain Eugene Cernan was a crew member of the Apollo 10 and Apollo 17 missions to the moon and the last man to walk on the moon. Apollo 17 was launched on December 7,1972, and even though 3 additional moon missions had been planned, it was the last moon mission (due to several factors including waning public interest in the Apollo moon missions, government involvement with Vietnam, among others).

Apollo 17 was the first mission to include a scientist in its crew (Harrison Jack Schmitt), he was selected for this mission in 1965.

Apollo 17 spent a record 22 hours and 6 minutes performing extravehicular activity on the moon's surface. Eugene drove the lunar rover about a mile away from the module (the day before the astronauts left the moon) so that the video camera could photograph their takeoff from the moon's surface, and then Eugene knelt down and etched his daughter's(Tracy) initials into the moon dust(T.D.C). They arrived back to Earth on December 19,1972.

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