In 2015, there were five nations in the world that only possessed two nuclear reactors for electricity generation. These nations were: Brazil, Bulgaria, Mexico, Romania, and South Africa.

In Brazil, nuclear energy accounts for about 3% of the nation's electricity. With Bulgaria, it operates two pressurized water reactors with a total output of 1926 MW (megawatt power). Mexico has one nuclear power plant, which has two boiling water reactors. These reactors account for about 4.6% of the nation's electricity production. Noting Romania, it currently has 1,400 MW of nuclear power capacity with its 2 reactors. Finally, in South Africa, it is the only country in Africa with a commercial nuclear power plant. The two reactors located at the nuclear power station accounts for around 4% of South Africa's electricity production.

So, the official energy policy of these five nations is that nuclear energy is keenly required to assist civilian purposes.

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