The death penalty through crucifying was supposed to be the most torturous and a shameful one. This type of death penalty was usually applied to the villains who had committed the most fearful crimes: to murderers, to rebels and to slaves who once violated the law. The crucified human usually felt a scorching pain in all his/her joints and suffered from thirst and hunger. The death came slow, making poor wretches suffer severely.

Jewish laws presupposed that a crucified man was a castaway, the one cursed by God.

The holy son has accepted his terrifying fate and sacrificed his body in order to save the human's souls from hell. By choosing the dishonorable and torturing death (nailed to a wooden cross!) Jesus proved his sincere love for the human, he prayed for all the people to be forgiven by God, for their deadly sins and for their inability to believe. And he managed to impetrate the forgiveness for all the errant people.

The son and the ambassador of our God, the savior of the human race – Jesus Christ - has ended his journey on Earth at the age of 33.