The Birdhouse El Nido is located the Philippines in an area where the luxury camping retreat (resort) is situated on hilltop property behind the Las Cabanas Beach, which likes to cater to fun loving visitors and guests.

Those visiting the Birdhouse find breathtaking views of nature which is a very smart reason to visit El Nido. Also the pristine waters of El Nido offer beautiful coral reefs, while its beaches are uncrowded and very popular with tourists. Plus people explore the lagoons by kayaking which is a great way to see the islets, coves, and caves in the region. These items are very abundant. Inland El Nido, springs, and waterfalls are also items to see. Additionally, Bacuit Bay which is composed of limestone islands, is a place where it is possible to either dive, snorkel, or hike.

Going to the Birdhouse El Nido in the Philippines can be a fine vacation experience. It may offer an insight into the Philippines and the people who make up the country.

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