U.S. Army Air Force

The VIII U.S. Army Air Force had 48,000 casualties out of a total of around 350,000 total who served in the unit during WW2, but that number is a bit misleading because the casualties were almost all aircrew and the total includes ground and air crews. Bomber units had particularly bad casualty rates, around 50% was typical, but the earliest crews fared the worst. Only around 20% of the bomber crews who served with the 8th in 1942-43 survived unscathed, they had the highest casualties of any major outfit in the war on the American side.Here is a link to the VIII's official fact sheet: http://www.mightyeighth.org/Library/PDFs/8thAFfacts.pdf

For simplicity's sake, let's say about 2.5% of all those who served having died in the line of duty, with the individual services registering 2.8% of Army personnel, 1.5% of Navy personnel, and 3.7% of all Marines. The 8th Army AF- 26000 kia / 350,000 total personnel in WWII = 7%

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