7 places with mysterious and amazing inhabitants 8/12/2018

The places you'll see here are not created by screenwriters. They are real and people who live there got used that they are different from everybody else.

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What are some mind-blowing facts about the English language? 8/9/2018

A lot of people complain about how hard learning English is. Now try Korean or Chinese.

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Do cats all speak the same language? 8/8/2018

The point of this story is that language is only a small part of communication.

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9 true facts that are just beyond belief 8/7/2018

The way our world functions is still a mystery. Even though we can explain almost all processes, many facts are hard to believe.

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Is it safe to take a shower during a thunderstorm? 8/7/2018

There is a very small risk, which I estimate is conservatively about as dangerous as driving in a car for 15 miles.

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What were the beauty standards of ancient Rome like? 8/6/2018

Both for women and men, Romans inherited the Greek standards about symmetry and harmony.

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Do fish feel thirst? 8/5/2018

This is actually an interesting question because it involves the term "thirst," which is defined as a drive to drink water.

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What should you never microwave? 8/5/2018

WATER. Don’t freaking try to heat up water in the microwave for tea/coffee or whatever reason.

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