Learn these 10 new words to sound smart in any conversaton 7/13/2018

Why use common and simple words when you can enrich any conversation with beautiful and exotic words? Take a look at this list of must-know words that will make you sound smarter.

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16 pics that will teach you to find beauty in simple things 7/9/2018

Today we'll show you fantastic artworks captured by a master of photography, Guido Gutierrez Ruiz, in Madeira, Funchal.

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These 10 photos prove that willpower is the greatest human strength 7/9/2018

There are a lot of terrible things in the world, but humanity is capable of overcoming their limitations and any problems that get on the way. Take a look at these amazing photos which prove that our willpower has no limits.

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How does autopilot work on an airplane? 7/9/2018

There are essentially a few types of features that different autopilots have.

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Is death by guillotine painless? 7/9/2018

The guillotine was originally designed to be a “humane and instant” form of execution — that is, if used correctly.

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