Places you will never be allowed to enter 7/1/2018

Many of us like travelling. It is better once to see than hundred times to hear. However, there are places that are closed even for the most foolhardy travelers.

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Do earthquakes affect an aircraft flying above? 7/1/2018

They sure do, and I experienced it once. It was pretty scary, too.

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How much does the moon weigh? 6/30/2018

The numbers you've just googled are not about the weight of the Moon...

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This incredible technology will help cure blindness in the nearest future 6/30/2018

Scientists have been working a lot on different technologies to help the blind and people with low vision. Read on to find out how stem cells can be used to create a cure for blindness in the future.

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Solving these 5 survival riddles can help you to stay alive 6/29/2018

Some riddles are funny, some are really hard. If you know the right answers to the riddles you will find below, it can save your life one day.

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Why did Russia sell Alaska to the USA? 6/29/2018

The world would have looked very different if Alaska had been a part of Russia.

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7 women who did what no one expected and changed history 6/28/2018

These powerful women overcame adversity and challenged gender stereotypes to become one of the most influential females in history. Read on to find out about their incredible stories and get inspired.

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