Fantastic animals you've never seen before 6/28/2018

There are no two identical people as well as animals. All of them have different characters, habits and destinies. Here you'll find creatures whose unforgettable appearance will definitely impress you.

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Why do small dogs live longer than large dogs? 6/27/2018

The issue of body size and lifespan is a fascinating topic in biology.

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9 quotes that will make you brain sharper 6/27/2018

Everybody knows that books are the source of knowledge and wisdom. Here you’ll find 9 outstanding quotes that will evoke your passion for reading.

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We all are superheroes - 5 astonishing super powers of your body 6/27/2018

It sounds like science fiction, but humans can really see with their ears and pass immunity from one to another. Read on to find out more about the incredible abilities of our body.

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How to hail an unusual taxi in different countries 6/26/2018

If you think taking a taxi is a usual thing in any country you are wrong. Discover surprising peculiarities of taxi services in different countries to save your nerves and money.

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Mind blowing pictures that will make your day 6/25/2018

This breathtaking collection will definitely please your eye!

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