What would happen if the sun stopped shining? 6/19/2018

It’s impossible to switch off the sun. Neither can it disappear. Nevertheless, scientists know for sure what will happen to our planet if the sun stops shining.

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7 weirdest naming traditions from around the world 6/18/2018

Not every culture in the world uses given names and surnames. As it turns out, one person's name can consist of more than 6 words! Find out about the strangest and most interesting naming traditions from around the globe.

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#Geography #Culture

These 10 math riddles seem easy, but at least one of them will confuse you 6/18/2018

The tricky riddles you will find below require only basic knowledge of math, yet most people will definitely find some of them difficult to solve. Only a genius can figure out all of them without cheating. Are you ready?

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16 miniature donkeys that will definitely win your heart 6/16/2018

Animals can melt any heart. Here you'll find no puppies or kittens which are most admired, but adorable tiny donkeys.

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10 ridiculous and confusing laws from around the world 6/16/2018

Do you know where in the world you can be fined for wearing pink pants or a chewing gum? You won't believe some of these strange laws actually exist in the different counties of the world.

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#Geography #Society

15 fascinating photos you wish you had taken yourself 6/15/2018

Timothy Moon has retired from his successful Architectural Practice after 25 years, but he does enjoy a good photograph. Today he spends all his creative energy crafting his visual art skills behind the camera lens.

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#Geography #inspiration #photography

These pictures of ordinary things will definitely surprise you 6/15/2018

If you think there is nothing left that can surprise you, see these amazing photos!

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7 common things that look quite different in space 6/15/2018

Today flights into space are no longer anything extraordinary. People get a lot of new information and know how things are going there. But what about our everyday routine? Does it differ in space? Find out right now!

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#Science #knowledge

The flower you choose will say a lot about your personality 6/15/2018

The things you like and choose can say a lot about your true nature. Take this simple visual test to find out more about your personality.

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