8 interesting facts about Her Majesty 6/14/2018

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the longest ruling monarch in the world. This woman is associated with authority and dignity. Let’s find out some little-known facts about her life.

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Flag day in the USA - the celebration of unity and independence of the country 6/14/2018

US Flag Day is one of the distinctive official holidays celebrated in the USA. This day and during the whole week of June 14th, the nation honors the American Flag, not only the official symbol of the country, but a world-famed sign. Today we want to share the most important and even little-known facts about the sign that plays a big part in the lives of the Americans.

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Introverts vs. Extroverts - they really see the world differently 6/12/2018

It's hard for an introvert to understand extroverts and vice versa. These pictures will show you how the two personality types see the same situations.

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10 common wildlife myths debunked - how well do you know animals? 6/10/2018

We live side-by-side with animals and think we know everything about them. But is it really so? It's hard to believe that some of the most popular facts about animals are actually false...

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Top 5 hardest riddles that will make you think twice 6/9/2018

It's time to test your intelligence and logic again! Only the smartest people can solve the 5 riddles gathered in this article without cheating. Are you ready to start?

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You’ll be surprised to learn how these 12 countries got their names 6/9/2018

Do you know why Italy is called "Italy"? And how does Venezuela relate to Venice? Find out right now!

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10 most perfect pictures ever taken 6/9/2018

If you think you've seen everything just take a look at these breathtaking pics!

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Why do cats run the world? The whole truth about furry rulers of our life. 6/8/2018

Many of us are keen on cats: it is the most popular pet. Those who don’t have a pet cat are fascinated by them in Internet. But nobody loves cats more than themselves!

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A vegetable full of surprises - everything you should know about asparagus 6/8/2018

You've been underestimating this incredible vegetable! It's time to find out why.

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You never knew these famous characters were based on real people 6/8/2018

Not all film characters are the result of authors’ imagination. Actually, many of them, including cartoon and book characters, have real counterparts!

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