These 10 incredibly kind stories will touch your heart 5/17/2018

Aren't you tired of negative news we hear and see every day? Good things still happen in the world we live in! Just take a look at these 10 incredible acts of kindness that will bring positive energy to your life right now.

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9 creatures whose superpowers will make you say «Can't be!» 5/17/2018

Our world is incredible! There are so many unusual creatures and phenomena we have never heard of.

Here you’ll discover the most unbelievable superpowers of animals and birds you’ve never thought they have.

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10 proven methods to beat insomnia 5/15/2018

Can’t sleep? You are not alone. Everyone’s had this problem at least once in their life. Don’t worry, you can beat insomnia!

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The most incredible invention of the year - an extra thumb you can control 5/11/2018

Dani Clode, a talented designer from London, is going to change the way we think about prosthetics. She created a 3D-printed robotic thumb that can extend the existing capabilities of the human body. Are you ready to find out more?

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These 10 most ironic facts of all time will feed your dark sense of humor 5/4/2018

Do you feel unlucky in life sometimes? Take a look at this list of the most ironic coincidences in the history of humanity, and you will definitely feel relieved.

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Only a genius can solve this mysterious and creepy riddle 5/4/2018

Today you are going to act like a real detective. Try to solve this atmospheric riddle about a stranger in the car. Who knows, maybe you are born to become a new Sherlock Holmes?

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The most gorgeous chickens you’ve hardly seen before 4/30/2018

Whether you like chickens or not you will be stunned by these ones! They are incredibly beautiful and it’s impossible to get past them.

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9 most successful and unstoppable women of our time 4/28/2018

These famous powerful women overcame many hardships, proved that nothing is impossible, and became true legends of our time. Check out their incredible and inspirational stories.

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