How well do people from different countries around the world sleep? 4/27/2018

Do you know where in the world people get the best - and the worst - sleep? A survey recently conducted by the popular mobile app "Sleep Cycle" revealed the sleeping habits of different countries. Let's take a look!

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This little-known abandoned city in Burma is six times larger than New York 4/24/2018

This mysterious town in Burma was built to house millions of people, but less than a million residents live in Naypyidaw today. This large city looks like a real ghost town, and most of the western world has never heard about it.

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Are you kissed by the sun? The whole truth about freckles 4/24/2018

Some of us are trying to get rid of freckles, the others believe that bright small dots make them look younger. Furthermore, there are people without pigmentation but wish they had it! Let's check some info and decide whether to like these dots or hate them!

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You will be stunned by these 10 unforgettable photos 4/23/2018

Our world is so big that a lifetime is not enough to explore its diversity. Discover some outstanding facts below!

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Products you'll buy only for their unique packaging 4/20/2018

It's time to realize that packaging is as important as the product itself. You will be surprised!

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Here are the best reasons why you shouldn't sit for several hours a day 4/20/2018

It's not a secret we sit too much these days. Modern world let us move as little as possible, as we can do almost everything with the help of our smartphones and computers. But there are still reasons why you should consider living a more active life and sit less.

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Can you answer these 10 questions every 6th grader should know? 4/12/2018

As it turns out, 80% of adults can't answer all of these basic questions for 6th graders. How much do YOU remember from school? Try answering these 10 easy questions. You can find the answers below the article.

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Impressing Africa - the land of contrasts 4/12/2018

Africa is often described as the continent of wild animals and indigenous tribes. Is it true today?

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Are you a polymath? 8 facts that can puzzle anyone! 4/12/2018

There are people who can be characterized as "Jack of all trades, master of none". What about you? Is your knowledge deeper or wider?

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7 easy-to-do tips for better health 4/11/2018

Are you tired of getting sick? How do doctors stay healthy working with sick people? Here you'll find 7 health tips that really work!

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