These 10 things we use and see every day are going to disappear soon 3/20/2018

We can't imagine our life without a lot of things. But the world is ever changing, and soon enough we will have to say goodbye to some stuff we are so used to. You will be surprised to find out what will disappear from our everyday life in the nearest future.

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10 popular items with surprisingly giant markups 3/19/2018

We all agree to pay big amounts of money for comfort and entertainment. But the markups for some things we buy every day turn out to be really giant! The difference between the production cost and the selling price of these 10 things is truly surprising.

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10 interesting facts about Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize 3/18/2018

During her lifetime, Marie Curie managed to break many gender barriers and become a two-time Nobel Prize winner. Here are 10 amazing facts about the famous female scientist who pioneered the study of radioactivity.

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12 memorable and influential firsts in the history of humanity 3/16/2018

Some historical events happen to change the world we live in once and forever. Can you believe that the first selfie was taken more than a century ago? Take a look at this list to find out more about famous first times in history.

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10 cool and fascinating facts about Stephen Hawking 3/16/2018

On the 14th of March, 2018, professor Stephen Hawking has died at the age of 76. He was a talented physicist and a true legend of our time. Here are 10 little-known and surprising facts about him.

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9 food facts you shouldn't believe 3/13/2018

Palm oil is bad for our health, MSG is addictive, potato should be excluded from daily meals. That's what we hear every day. OMG! Then, what are we supposed to eat?

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Are you healthy or not? Test yourself! 3/12/2018

Today people are more aware about health problems and often think they have symptoms they don't actually have.This self-diagnosing causes nervous tension.

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7 strong and successful Latina women who have really made history 3/12/2018

These inspiring Hispanic women became well-known artists, politicians and even astronauts. Meet 7 amazing Latina women who changed the world we live in for the better.

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