7 useful tips to survive the day if you feel sleepy and exhausted 3/8/2018

Sooner or later, everyone has this day. The day when you feel incredibly sleepy and tired but have to stay awake and do things. These 7 super simple pieces of advice may help you survive in such a situation.

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7 widespread hygiene mistakes you should avoid 3/8/2018

We all know how important maintaining good personal hygiene is. Anyway, you need to find out about a lot of common hygiene mistakes to avoid them and live a healthier life.

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10 awesome things we no longer do because of the technology 3/7/2018

We used to do so many interesting things before technology took over. Most of us still miss those days! Let's remember some wonderful activities and feelings of the pre-Internet era together.

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5 rare health conditions that can be considered as superpowers 3/7/2018

We used to think (not without reason) that a disease is an unpleasant or even dangerous health condition. However, there are some diseases that can be compared with superpowers, though these powers are not so cool as they might seem.

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10 questions to the pilots you've always wanted to ask 3/6/2018

When we see a plane getting off the ground, it really looks like a kind of magic.

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Some coffee facts you may not know 3/5/2018

Do you start your morning with a cup of coffee? If yes, you are one of billions coffee lovers.

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15 forgotten English words we can still use today 3/5/2018

Every language changes with time. So does English, and you can't imagine how many beautiful words with exact and witty meanings got lost. Take a look at this list!

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10 stories about amazing people that will restore your faith in humanity 3/5/2018

We live in a tough world, and most of us don't always have time to be kind and selfless. Anyway, there is no reason to lose our faith. These 10 stories about incredibly generous and loving people prove that there is still hope for humanity.

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15 powerful quotes by Ray Bradbury, the greatest dreamer of all time 3/4/2018

Ray Bradbury was a talented science fiction writer, who managed to turn the brightest dreams of his childhood into a brilliant writing career. Take a look at this list of beautiful quotes by Bradbury to get inspired.

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