9 erroneous beliefs about world-famous places of interest 2/12/2018

Find out the most widespread myths about world-famous sights that we believed were true. Perhaps, they will surprise you too.

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11 most unusual sights of the world you definitely don't know about 2/12/2018

Have a look at a rare collection of really bright and unforgettable sights that are worth going off tourist routes.

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Can we change personal traits inherited from our parents? 2/12/2018

Recent studies in genetics revealed interesting facts. Here are the things that can be inherited:

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Facts that prove we know nothing about the Universe 2/9/2018

Find out about the most recent discoveries in astronomy that drew scientists closer to resolving the riddles of the Universe.

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#Geography #Science #Nature

11 significant history facts interpreted differently by other countries 2/9/2018

It is hard to believe the way they treat the same historical events in different countries.

It may seem that history is a sequence of accomplished facts and we have no reasons for any dubious interpretation. But in reality it turns out to be otherwise.

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#History #Society #politics

Find out what really influences your intelligence! 2/6/2018

Let's get to know the brightest discoveries of the recent years in the field of brain study. They will definitely surprise you.

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From absolute zero to absolute hot - an amazing trip through the Universe 2/5/2018

Broaden your understanding of extreme temperatures and find out those of absolute cold and absolute hot.

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17 absolutely extraterrestrial landscapes of Earth 2/2/2018

There are such nooks on Earth that are hard to believe they exist. One day you scroll through someone else's photos and suddenly realize - you need to go and see it with your own eyes.

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12 reasons why Australia makes our planet the best place in the Universe 2/2/2018

Australia, a country and a continent, will stay in your memory forever. Huge beaches of white sand, stunning open spaces, old rocks, waterfalls, mysterious forests and grand metropolitan cities are here waiting for tourists.

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A talented artist transforms mass-produced dolls into works of art 1/31/2018

We bet you'll enjoy this collection of amazing dolls that look like real celebs!

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