10 encouraging quotes to inspire you 1/16/2018

Inspiration is what you need to start changing your life right now. Here is the compilation of the most encouraging quotes that will set the mood for the year of achievements.

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National traditions that can shock a foreigner 1/15/2018

Here you can find out about most extraordinary traditions of different nations, that can utterly shock any stranger.

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Confucius' life lessons that can make your life better 1/15/2018

In this article you can find bright life-lessons based on Confucius' philosophy that help people live a happier life.

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Find out about unexpected outcomes of social experiments 1/12/2018

Read about some bold social experiments which finished unexpectedly, pushing us to interesting considerations and, probably, made this world a better one.

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Find out what stands behind numbers in the names of famous brands 1/12/2018
by M.

It turns out that some figures in the names of famous brands actually do have a hidden meaning and some originated by chance!

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Traditional yet weird remedies for cold in different countries 1/10/2018

Below are several methods of treatment from different countries. It's up for you to judge how other cultures fight running nose and sore throat.

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Your cat surely loves you if it behaves like that 1/9/2018

Find out if your cat loves you. Here is the list of indisputable indicators!

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You can never guess the purpose of these old inventions 1/7/2018

Learn about some unusual man-made things. Take a look at them and try to guess their purpose. It can be difficult!

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9 crazy things ancient Egyptians used to do 1/2/2018

It seems that ancient people should definitely be very different from us. Weird practices, strange language and so on. But it is not right. As shown by archeology, we are not as different as it seems.

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Futuristic and unique types of transport you may have never used 1/2/2018

In modern life, it is hard to imagine a person who has never used any kind of public transportation. However, the technologies of the world has gone far enough to create a variety of transport few of us have our chance to use.

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