The most exciting secrets of mall Santas 12/29/2016

The main celebrity of winter holidays is Santa Claus. However, we have never thought what it is like to be a perfect Santa for kids. We want to share the most fascinating secrets of mall Santas with you. We bet you don't know them! (unless you are a Santa 🎅)

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The explosion of supernova: M&M'S slow motion dissolving in water 12/27/2016

Beauty of Science project has published a video showing how chocolate dragees M&M'S are dissolved in water in slow motion. The camera with macro effect and 4K resolution gives the impression that a real supernova explodes. It drew attention of publishing company PetaPixel. This is so fantastic!

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Little kids with their big dogs: the most adorable pictures you've ever seen 12/26/2016

Russian photographer Andy Seliverstoff catches the most precious moments of good friends and proves the friendship between a kid and a dog is the most sincere and unselfish in the world. See these charming photos yourself!

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The secrets of aging: the most fascinating facts about why and how we're getting old 12/21/2016

Aging is a really complex process. For some people it's growing up, while for others it is already growing old. But what does aging truly mean? It's time to find out!

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This artist turns shadows into fascinating pictures 12/17/2016

The artist and filmmaker from Belgium Vincent Bal has an Instagram page that is much more fascinating than other traditional pages. The illustrator posts photos, which depict bizarre things resulted from the pen of the author and the shadow of an object. You need to see this!

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Don't miss the most interesting facts about China 12/15/2016

China is a beautiful country still mysterious and unfamiliar for us... Let's discover the most interesting things about this wonderful place together.

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Top 7 common health myths dispelled 12/13/2016

Almost all of us believe in these myths and live keeping them in mind. Let's dispel the most popular myths once and for all!

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If you want your kitten to stay small forever, munchkins are perfect for you! 12/12/2016

Kittens are so cute and sweet we wish they could stay the same forever. These tiny cats seem to be stuck in childhood. Just look at these adorable munchkin cats!

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Find out how blind people see their loved ones in this charming video 12/11/2016

Can you imagine what we look like for blind people? One sculptor decided to figure it out and invited some of them and their families. She asked them to describe their loved ones. This video proves that it takes a lot more than sight to see people who spend every day of their lives with you.

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Hubble Space Telescope: the most fascinating facts you don't know about 12/10/2016

The HST is a huge achievement of mankind. It allows us to learn more about outer space and the furthest galaxies. However, do you know something about the telescope that helped to disclose so many secrets about cosmos?

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