An artist spent 2.5 years creating an amazing timelapse video! 8/29/2016

Thijme Termaat decided to create something more than just a painting... and it's brilliant!

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Are we alone in the universe: should this question be asked? 8/20/2016

The number of potentially habitable planets found by earthly astronomers is growing. They vary in size and distance to their stars, and life can theoretically originate on any of them...

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A place every brave adventurer should visit: strange and miraculous Patagonia 8/18/2016

Patagonia is an amazing land of majestic mountaintop glaciers and strong winds. They say, nature grows wild there, and we can well believe it.

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These blond twin cats with heterochromic eyes will melt your heart 8/16/2016

What can be more beautiful than a white puss? Only two snow-white cats with amazing heterochromatic eyes!

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The hummingbird's snore is the cutest in the world! 8/6/2016

The hummingbird is one of the smallest birds on the planet, and also one of the cutest! As it turns out, these sweet creatures can snore very impressively.

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