Kings of mischiefs: these pets are so mischievous, they deserve an award 12/9/2020

Our pets are mischievous and it's hard to get mad at them, so we settle for a rinse and repeat daily occurrence. Here are pictures of pets who were caught on camera for doing something mischievous to their owners. Most of these pictures are hilarious.

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10 moments where cats and dogs reacted to what startled them 12/8/2020

It’s not uncommon to find our adorable pets get scared by many things. In this post, we are exploring the pictures of some pets, whose startled expressions were caught on camera. They are so hilarious!

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7 statistics that will change how you see the world 12/7/2020

Have you ever thought about how many beliefs you've acquired just because you happened to hear or read something? The following 7 statistics may radically change your opinion on some common subjects.

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5 mysteries of ancient civilizations 12/6/2020

So many things about our planet remain unknown to us. Most of them are scattered like jigsaw pieces, and it's hard to put these pieces together. In this post, we discuss some mysteries of the ancient world that need to be uncovered.

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10 fruits and veggies that have absurd shapes and look like something else 12/5/2020

In this post, we are exploring fruits which have defied the natural shapes that they are meant to have. Brace yourself for this one, as some of these shapes will shock you.

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5 inconspicuous facts about Europe 12/4/2020

Did you know that Europe was named after a woman seduced by Zeus when he disguised as a bull? It’s also funny to know that it’s illegal to flush a toilet after 10 pm in Switzerland!If that sort of thing intrigues you, wait till you discover even more.

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5 timeless things that are actually surprisingly recent 12/3/2020

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 5 things that seem like they’ve been around forever and their surprisingly recent starts.

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8 of the world's least visited places 12/2/2020

Let us show you some of the places people have rarely visited, and make sure to add them to your bucket list so that you can make history too.

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Top 5 unexpected facts about American first ladies 12/1/2020

Who wouldn’t fall for the charming looks of the first ladies of the United States? They always look so kept together that it is difficult to imagine that they might have skeletons in their closets...

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7 pictures of people whose acts of kindness inspire us all 11/30/2020

There is a saying that if many people understood kindness, then the world would be a better place. Believe it or not, I’ve met many people who strive to make the world a better place with their act of kindness.

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