7 English common words you’re probably saying wrong 8/21/2020

Today, we are going to go over 7 of the most commonly mispronounced words in English. Who knows? Maybe you have some difficulties with them. Let’s have a look at those words!

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8 types of noisy neighbors. Find yours 8/20/2020

Oh, you know that neighbor who lets their dog bark at 5:00 a.m. or the one constantly revs the engine… How about the noise because of that neighbor’s parties? There is music till all hours of the night and they don’t ever invite you. QuizzClub’s community reveals 8 loudest types of neighbors compared to the loudest animals on Earth.

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10 photos North Korea didn’t want you to see 8/19/2020

Truth is relative, especially in North Korea. It is one of the most bizarre countries on earth. Today QuizzClub’s Community is counting down their picks for the top 10 curious photos from North Korea that Kim Jong-un didn’t want you to see! Keep on reading the article.

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Cool comparison images that will make you say "Whoa!" 8/14/2020

Pictures often speak louder than words, and these 18 image pairs can prove it. Let's learn more, get inspired and have fun with these interesting and educational comparisons.

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Do cats get emotionally attached to their owners like dogs? 8/14/2020

We do feel it's time to set the record straight. Let's find out what cats really feel to their owners!

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13 atmospheric photos from the '60s 8/14/2020

Old photos have a special atmosphere that transports us back in time. QuizzClub's Community has collected the most amazing and inspiring photos from the '60s. If you want to dive into those times, keep on reading the article!

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15 foods you've been eating wrong this whole time 8/13/2020

When you were little someone took the time to teach you how to eat: chew each bite 3 times for good digestion; broccoli will help you grow big and strong; and, perhaps everyone’s least favorite meal time rule — dessert comes after dinner. Of course, by now you might think you’ve mastered the art of enjoying a good meal, but is that really true?

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21 pets saved by love and kindness of their owners 8/12/2020

Some of these animals were chained all their lives, drinking water from mud puddles. Others were suffering from people’s cruelty and various health problems. However, there are a lot of caring and loving people who rescue such animals and give them second chances. QuizzClub's community presents you 21 touching stories about animal rescues!

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20 perfect pictures of desserts that will make your mouth water 8/10/2020

It's not a secret that every passionate chef is an artist, and desserts are among the most splendid and sophisticated foods. Even if you're not a sweet tooth, these pictures of desserts will definitely satisfy your eyes and aesthetic hunger.

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