Gorgeous and feisty - fantastic photos of the kea parrot 5/9/2020

Kea is the only mountain parrot ever known. It is an intelligent bird with fantastically beautiful feathers.

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10 most restricted places on the planet 5/8/2020

Most people secretly want to visit places where no common man has ever set foot. Are you one of them? QuizzClub is going to allow such an opportunity. So this is a talk about 10 most restricted places on the planet. Some of these locations are dangerous, others preserve the history of the humankind. However, all of them are worthy of attention.

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5 facts about Genghis Khan, history's most fearsome conqueror 5/8/2020

An excellent warrior and military leader, this man used the strength of his personality to create a powerful army and forge the largest contiguous empire in history. Read on to find 5 of the most brutal Genghis Khan facts.

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5 interesting things about Leonardo da Vinci, history's most famous polymath 5/6/2020

His inventions were centuries ahead of his time, his paintings defined the Renaissance – what else do you know about this legendary genius? Read on to find 5 Leonardo da Vinci facts that might surprise you.

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Beautiful baobab trees – interesting facts and pictures 5/4/2020

These majestic giants are subjects of many legends and one of the most recognizable symbols of the African continent. Let's learn more about them with these 5 baobab tree facts.

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10 pictures of llamas and alpacas that will make you feel happier 5/2/2020

If you need a little something to brighten your day, these guys are here to help. Enjoy the most cheerful pictures of alpacas and llamas – and some short facts about these adorable animals too.

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6 stories of people who became millionaires after 45 5/1/2020

We round up the people who hit the jackpot late in life. This proves that everybody has a chance. In fact, the average age of business founders hovers around 40. We hope these 6 stories will inspire you.

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Hypnotizing beauty of black sand beaches 5/1/2020

Are you dreaming about an unforgettable sea holiday experience? Take a look at these breathtaking pictures of the beaches with black sand and plan your next trip!

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8 unusual facts about ordinary things 4/30/2020

Everything has a story. We want to tell you 8 strange and interesting facts about ordinary things such as high heels, cell phones, salt, etc. If you enjoy miscellaneous trivia as much as we do, keep reading this article.

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These pictures of margays will melt your heart 4/30/2020

These small wild cats look absolutely adorable. However, don't underestimate this nocturnal hunter.

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