How did Siri get its name? 12/26/2019

This question is answered by the Engineering Director at Apple.

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Why there are no rats in some Canadian provinces? 12/23/2019

In fact, there is only one Canadian province that doesn't have any rats...

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25 Christmas riddles: prove Christmas is your cup of tea 12/23/2019

Before you know it, Christmas is here. That’s why let’s get ready for this. These 25 Christmas riddles are going to create the holiday atmosphere and boost your brain power.

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The most beautiful islands in the world 12/22/2019

Islands are associated with perfect beaches, unforgettable landscapes, sunsets and serenity. Usually they are the best destinations no matter what kind of holiday people prefer. Enjoy these wonderful pictures of islands which should be on your travel list.

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8 clocks that will impress you with their size and design 12/20/2019

What's the time? Nowadays people can answer this question by checking the time on the screens of their mobile phones. City tower clocks became symbols of their cities and some of them are considered as masterpieces. Let's check 8 clocks that are real decorations of their cities and attract many tourists every year.

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Beauty through history: 11 "Miss World" beauty queens 12/20/2019

Miss World is the oldest running international beauty pageant. You have an opportunity to trace a brief history of this competition and enjoy the beauty of 11 "Miss World" beauty queens. Don’t hesitate, tell us which "Miss World" beauty queen you like most!

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A brief history of pin-up girls 12/20/2019

It doesn’t matter whether you like pin-up girls or not, they leave no one untouched. Pin-up girls tell us the story of how war, markets, and sexuality shape society and norms. The influence of pin-up art is still pretty strong. Let’s enjoy that era and find out some interesting facts about it!

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11 cozy things that will make you feel a warm hug 12/20/2019

It’s always important to feel warm and cozy especially during rainy or cold days. These 11 little things will definitely help you to set the right mood even if there is no one around you. Keep reading the article to warm your mind, body, and soul.

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10 bizarre and wonderful facts about the sense of smell 12/20/2019

We feel different scents every second of our life... but even scientists still don't know everything about the sense of smell. Anyway, there are some amazing scientific facts about it that will definitely surprise you.

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5 legendary archaeological discoveries and their mysteries 12/20/2019

Thanks to the archaeologists, we can have a complex glimpse into human history and learn what our ancestors' life was like centuries ago. Anyway, some discoveries only bring questions – let's learn more about the most mysterious ones.

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