10 of the wittiest and most powerful quotes by Winston Churchill 12/18/2019

Winston Churchill was one of the most influential and memorable figures of the 20th century. He always knew how to use language to inspire millions of people, and here are some of his greatest quotes.

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Meet the cutest marine mammals – 15 adorable photographs of seals 12/18/2019

These incredibly interesting creatures, also known as pinnipeds, know how to feel good in the freezing waters and on the warm beaches. They are also very lovely – looking at them will definitely make you go "Aww."

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Train stations that look like masterpieces 12/17/2019

Train travelling is not so fast as travelling by plane. However it gives a traveler an opportunity to admire fantastic landscapes and architecture. Sometimes train stations are real masterpieces themselves. Fantastic exterior and internal decorations, unexpected combination of glass and metal constructions - these stations were meant to impress travelers.

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7 emotional mistakes that can be limiting your happiness right now 12/16/2019

We often blame circumstances or other people for our troubles, but we also tend to do it only to excuse ourselves for some negative behavior. Find out which terrible emotional mistakes can prevent you from living your life to the fullest right now.

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The most impressive and tricky tunnels in the world 12/14/2019

Tunnels are the best way to get faster to a place which is difficult to access. They require special engineering techniques and the results of this work are really great and amazing. Here you'll see the best tunnels all over the world.

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5 benefits of taking a cold shower every day 12/13/2019

A cold shower a day keeps the doctor away! Do you believe this? In fact, regular cold showers might be exactly what you need to improve your health. Let's learn more about the amazing positive effects of a cold shower.

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#Science #health

8 atmospheric and beautiful statues 12/13/2019

Statues are a part of the world heritage. Every statue is a reflection of its master's soul and their time. Many of them serve as an inspiration for modern artists and attract a lot of people from all over the world to admire their beauty and greatness.

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#Culture #art

Ancient foods we still eat today – can you guess which is older? 12/13/2019

Some common foods are not centuries, but thousands of years old. How much do you really know about such products and recipes? Try to guess which of these came first – and then learn the truth.

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#Culture #History #knowledge #food

10 examples of perfection and charm: unique architecture of Qatar 12/12/2019

Qatar is one of the wealthiest and safest countries in the world. It is a unique country in the Middle East with a rich history, diverse culture and stunning architecture. Let's discover its most interesting places everyone should see at least once.

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Everywhere at home – 15 lovely mobile houses 12/12/2019

People who can't stay at one place for a long time invented houses on wheels to feel at home anywhere on Earth. Let's take a look at 15 tiny houses on wheels and their terrific surroundings – and get inspired!

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