5 weird sports you've never heard of 11/21/2019

Whether you are into sports or not, you will be surprised to find out about the existence of some unusual sport games popular in different parts of the world.

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Cold art – enjoy the beauty of the most elaborate ice sculptures 11/21/2019

Winter brings a lot of beautiful things and feelings to our life, and talented artists make the most of the cold weather and loads of snow and ice. Today, you are going to see the most magnificent and unique pieces of art made of water in its solid state.

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These funny pictures of guilty animals will definitely make you laugh 11/21/2019

We all adore our pets when they cuddle, kiss and obey us. But what if they tore a curtain, made a mess or broke some pots? We keep loving them because they are our best friends. Besides, their reactions and facial expressions when they're aware of their guilt are absolutely priceless. You need to see these funny pictures as they are absolutely stunning.

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8 of the most interesting facts about the legendary Frank Sinatra 11/20/2019

Everyone knows at least one song by Frank Sinatra, one of the most influential and popular musical artists of all time. But how much do you know about his personal life? Here are some facts about Sinatra you might have never heard of.

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Strangest and mysterious trees we can see on our planet 11/19/2019

Trees filter the air we breathe, improve climate change and our health. Their importance cannot be overestimated.Some trees look like they have come out of the tales of the ancients, some are enormously tall or grow in places where life is impossible. Spend some time and enjoy the pictures of the most unusual green giants.

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You didn't realize how cute they can be – the most unusual salamander species 11/17/2019

These amphibians that look like a cross between a frog and a lizard have been on Earth for more than 300 million years, which means they appeared 40 million years prior to dinosaurs. With no doubt, salamanders can look absolutely gorgeous.

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These fantastic pictures of animal migration will blow your mind! 11/16/2019

Migration is one of the most important annual events for many animals and insects. They cross huge distances, going to wintering grounds, spawning or breeding grounds. Yet, scientists have not determined how animals know exactly when and where to go year after year. In this collection you will see fascinating photos of animals during their journey.

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These raccoons will definitely fascinate you 11/15/2019

Undoubtedly raccoons are extremely cute animals. Just look at these precious fluffy creatures with their curious eyes and little paws and they will definitely make you smile from ear to ear. Nowadays, raccoons have almost eclipsed cats as the new Internet darlings. And this comes with no surprise. These amazing pictures of raccoons will definitely make you fall in love with these amusing animals.

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Top 7 of the most colossal statues in the world 11/15/2019

Did you know the Statue of Libery is only the 48th tallest statue on the planet? The monuments you'll find on this list are incredibly large, and you will definitely want to see them with your own eyes one day.

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5 scientific reasons sarcasm can be beneficial for you 11/14/2019

If being sarcastic is in your nature, you may still not be aware of its surprising benefits that can help you improve the quality of your life and make you a better person.

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