Rarest fruits you should really try at least once 10/18/2019

Fruits are tasty and contain a lot of nutrients that are good for our health. Many of them can easily be found on grocery store shelves. However, there are fruits which are very rare because they grow only under special environmental conditions. Here are some of them.

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8 female animals that will fill your heart with their beauty 10/17/2019

There are real beauty queens among animals and birds. Their beauty is defined by evolution. Many of them have stunnig feathers and beautiful furs which help them to blend right into the environment.

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15 English words that mean completely different things in the USA and Great Britain 10/17/2019

Even if you are a native speaker of English, the way your language is used in different parts of the world may surprise you. The differences between UK and US English are a perfect example, and here are some everyday words that have completely different meanings in the two countries.

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Top 10 most brightly painted cities in the world 10/17/2019

It's not a secret that our mood depends on the surroundings, and gray and boring structures are not the best idea for a fun trip. After seeing these pictures, you will want to travel to the cities walking on the streets of which will put a smile on your face.

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To fridge or not to fridge – how should we really store eggs? 10/17/2019

In the United States, eggs are usually kept in the fridge, while in Europe and some other parts of the world eggs are not refrigerated. Read on to find out which is the healthiest way to store eggs.

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12 unbelievable facts about Hollywood's golden age 10/16/2019

The classic age of Hollywood movies was full of extraordinary events – this period changed the world of cinema forever. Here are some of the craziest facts about Old Hollywood celebs, their personal lives and movies.

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These facts will completely change your idea of healthy nutrition 10/12/2019

Is it possible to lose weight or to gain muscle mass without food restriction? Some nutritionists say it is. However, Internet provides us with lots of information that is very misleading. Let's take a look at some facts that can help to make the right choice on the way to health.

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7 haunted places that'll terrify even non-believers 10/11/2019

Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these places are sure to make you scared. There are 7 reportedly haunted locations throughout the world! Would you dare to visit them?

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Horses with mustaches: myth or reality? 10/11/2019

Did you know that horses can grow gorgeous mustaches? Let's see what it looks like!

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'Eww' or 'yum'? Top 10 weirdest foods from around the world 10/10/2019

Some things that look disgusting to us are considered delicacies in some parts of the world. Let's find out how weird some national dishes can be.

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