7 most spectacular NASA space photos of all time 10/10/2019

Since ancient times, people were dreaming about space exploration. Today, some of the most legendary photographs in the history of humanity were taken hundreds of millions miles away from Earth. Let's take a look at them.

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Absolutely touching – 11 stories about random acts of kindness by complete strangers 10/9/2019

Even a complete stranger can brighten up one's day – and these people's stories will prove it. Read on to get inspired!

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10 astonishing facts about Mae West, the most scandalous icon of the 1930s 10/9/2019

Mae West was the most controversial actress and screenwriter of her time. She was more than just a woman of fascinating beauty – West also proved to be incredibly witty and smart. Here are some lesser known facts about her.

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You'd never believe these natural phenomena are real 10/6/2019

The planet full of people circles around a giant ball of fire, while the moon is moving an enormous amount of water on that planet. Miracles exist and they surround us every day. Just look at these incredible natural phenomena!

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First jobs of US presidents you'd never guess 10/5/2019

Do you remember your first job? Was it interesting or boring? In early days it's difficult to imagine what kind of career you will have. Let's take a look at the first jobs of US presidents in which they had no idea they'd become presidents.

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These curly-haired cats are the cutest thing you'll see today 10/4/2019

Have you ever seen cats that look like they have just permed their hair? There is an unusual breed of cat with such a unique coat, and these creatures are extremely adorable. Just take a look at them!

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11 ways to deal with a pet allergy if you love animals 10/4/2019

You can have a happy, healthy life with your pets, even if you're allergic to them. Your allergy shouldn’t get in your way! Learn how to deal with allergies to pets in this article.

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5 reasons to love corgis even more 10/3/2019

The whole world is obsessed with corgies. Even the Queen of England couldn’t resist these little creatures’ charm. Let’s find out what's so special about corgies!

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12 new tricky riddles to test your logic and wit 10/3/2019

It's time to test your brain power – try to solve these 12 new brainteasers and prove that you can think outside the box.

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These iconic hairstyles defined the 1960s – and they still look inspiring 10/3/2019

The swinging sixties were a time of new rules and social revolution. In the light of many dramatic changes, the youth started to think differently, which defined the fashion trends of the generation. Let's remember the rebellious hairstyles of those times.

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