14 most creative statues from all over the world 9/12/2019

All these works are wonderful masterpieces of talented architects, which inspire people and their cities. Welcome the most outstanding and unusual statues, monuments and sculptures that bring life to the faded streets and squares and help us remember the most important events of our history.

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Top 8 expensive bottles of wine that became history 9/11/2019

Experts say that good wine has high price for a reason. The bouquet of such wine is so delicious that you will savor every drop of it. However, the price can be really steep. Here is a list of the most expensive bottles of wine sold at auction. Would you like to try it?

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This sculptor create tiny masterpieces from vintage watch parts – and they're absolutely unique 9/10/2019

Dan Tanenbaum, a Toronto-based artist, has an extraordinary talent and proves that almost everything can be turned into art. Come, see and get inspired!

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The weirdest birthday presents people received 9/7/2019

People are sharing the strangest gifts they've ever received from their friends and family – some of these are ridiculously funny, while others will melt your heart.

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Surprising facts about usual things around us only few people know 9/6/2019

Are you sure you know where the largest waterfall in the world is? Or why salt makes pineapples sweeter? If you are eager to learn new surprising information these facts are right for you.

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Weird beauty – 10 wonderful caterpillars and what they become 9/5/2019

Butterflies and moths are unique creatures that change shape several times in their lives. Let's take a closer look at what they look like at the larval stage – here are the most unusual caterpillars in the world.

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Caution: these 10 products manipulate your mood 9/5/2019

Sounds surprising, doesn't it? Now let's consider some things. Do you get the occasional headache? Do you have a sleep problem? Why are you sad or anxious? We are trying to explain our mood shifts and health problems by change in the weather or hard working days. However, the food we eat can easily manipulate the way we feel!

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This world map based on the population will change your view of our planet 9/4/2019

The maps you will find in this article will tell you more about the global population than your geography and history teachers did. Are you ready to get surprised?

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Improve your memory with these 7 everyday exercises 9/2/2019

You won't spend much time on these – the useful tips you'll find below will help you make your daily routine useful for your brain and memory.

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7 Daily Myths You Probably Still Believe 8/29/2019

Do you still believe that bananas grow on trees? We have some new information for you! Learn more about the world around you.

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