Majestic and colorful – the most beautiful flower fields in the world 8/29/2019

What can be more beautiful than flowers? A lot of flowers! Here are some of the largest and most breathtaking flower fields on Earth.

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Test your knowledge of your own body: which of these health facts are false? 8/27/2019

Today, we know a lot about our body and health... but is the information we read and hear always accurate? Try to tell which of these facts are false to check how good your knowledge of health-related topics really is.

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These weird yet cute birds definitely look like alien creatures 8/23/2019

Have you ever seen the potoo birds? Their appearance makes people a little bit confused: they seem creepy, but you can't deny that they make faces.

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7 Largest Foods That Are Probably Bigger Than Your Apartment 8/23/2019

Have you ever dreamt of a pizza the size of your biggest blanket? Or a sandwich? However, these people have gone even further by creating the biggest foods in the world! Check out these 7 record-breaking dishes created to get in the Guinness World Records. Bon Reading!

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Few people have seen these 8 rarest photos from the past 8/20/2019

They say, modern living is weird. As it turns out, humanity has always been a little bit crazy... Just take a look at these strange and rare historical photos that will definitely blow your mind!

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What are some unusual immunities that certain people have? 8/20/2019

I honestly didn’t believe this one when I heard it on the radio so I had to fact check the sh*t out of it.

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What are the greatest examples of the butterfly effect / chaos theory in history? 8/17/2019

One of the greatest butterfly effects in history is in 1171, when some Tatars decide to poison a local clan chief.

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Ultimate glory of mother's love expressed in sculptures from all over the world 8/16/2019

Our mothers are the people that bring us on Earth. They love us from the first breath even if they can't be with us. This article is about sculptures from all over the world that are dedicated to mothers.

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