Test your attention by trying to find the odd objects in these pictures 7/18/2019

It's time to check your focus. There is an odd object in each of the pictures given below. Will you be able to detect them all?

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7 things you might not know were invented by women 7/15/2019

We use some of these things everyday, but we are still unaware of their origin. Let's find out which popular items were invented by talented women you've never heard of.

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Strange events that still don't have an explanation 7/12/2019

Many of us think that scientists have all the answers. In case they don't, they can find them. However, despite scientific progress there are some moments in our history that scientists can't explain.

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10 short riddles most people will find confusing 7/11/2019

A new portion of riddles has arrived! Are you smart enough to solve them all?

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15 crazy animal facts that will knock you off your feet 7/8/2019

Which bird's nest can weigh more than 2 tons? Which creature can change its gender? Which bird can roar like a lion? Read on to find the hottest facts about these amazing animals!

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6 people who proved that age is only a number 7/8/2019

All children want to grow into an adult while adult don't want to get any older. Many people feel depressed when they think about the age and are sure that at 60 they will live out their days. Here you'll read about 6 people who say that their life started after 60!

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Colorful and spectacular – unique trees and forests from around the world 7/4/2019

Trees are one of the most beautiful and important inhabitants of Earth. You've definitely seen a lot of them, but these incredible species will surprise you.

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Test your memory by trying to name all the landmarks hidden in these pictures 7/2/2019

Anyone can recognize the most famous places from around the world, but can you guess these legendary landmarks by their surroundings? It's time to test your vision and memory.

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#Geography #History #IQ #knowledge

Is there an international standard governing scientific naming conventions? 7/1/2019

There are lots of different systems of scientific names with different conventions or rules governing them: chemicals, genes, stars, archeological cultures, and so on.

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