What's the difference between an attorney and a lawyer? 7/1/2019

That is both an easy and complex question, so let’s do easy first.

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What is the kitchen on the ISS (International Space Station) like? 6/29/2019

The International Space Station (ISS) does not really have a “kitchen” as many of us here on Earth might relate too.

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5 brave and inspiring women who are changing the world right now 6/28/2019

Nothing can stop the women you are going to read about today. They inspire millions of people to take action and work passionately every day to make the world a better place.

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Newly coined words you might have not heard yet 6/28/2019

At least 300 new words which describe modern social life and communication appeared this year. Let's take a look at them and decide whether we can use them in everyday life.

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7 best tips on how to be fresh and energetic in the morning 6/27/2019

It's not a secret that the way you start your morning affects your whole day, but many of us continue to have troubles with waking up happy. Read on to find 7 useful tips that can help you make mornings the best part of any day.

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9 mysterious ghost towns around the globe 6/26/2019

Have you ever thought about how many towns on Earth have been abandoned by people? As it turned out, there are a lot of empty settlements in the world, but only few people know about their existence. Let's take a look at some of them.

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9 Hard Riddles That Will Boost Your Brain Power 6/25/2019

These riddles are real brain exercises! Just 5 minutes a day will sharpen your mental skills for the whole life.

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Nature's masterpieces – take a look at these 10 incredibly beautiful flowers 6/21/2019

From ancient times, flowers attracted people with their inimitable beauty and pleasant smell. In the modern world full of technology and entertainment, we still adore these incredible gifts of nature. Let's see the most gourgeous of them.

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Real people who stuck in the airport for months 6/21/2019

Everyone has had at least one flight delay or a long connecting flight. However there are people who due to different circumstances have to stay in an airport for several months or years. They are stuck in the airport transit zone and don’t have an opportunity to go out and get some fresh air.

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