7 objects made by humans that are thought to be creations of nature 3/29/2019

According to the scientists, nature untouched by humans is now almost gone. Hard to believe? Then take a look at this list of man-made things you thought were natural.

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9 healthy eating rules that actually don't work 3/25/2019

There is so much information about healthy diet on the internet and on TV, but are these pieces of advice useful? Let's debunk some of the most popular healthy eating myths together.

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Gift Guide: Best Presents For Your Family and Friends 3/24/2019

It’s so pleasant to make people around you happy. Giving presents is the easiest way to do it.

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5 awesome advertising campaigns that are worth watching 3/22/2019

Advertising is one of the major drivers for trade. However, it can be very annoying and distracting. This is the reason why we pay attention only to really great and creative campaigns.

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Ask yourself these 7 questions to find out if you are really smart 3/22/2019

If you love IQ tests, you've definitely passed a lot of them. But our intelligence is not always measured by the amount of knowledge we possess - sometimes it's about out behavior and everyday habits.

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Heaven for cat lovers - this Japanese island is entirely populated by cats 3/19/2019

If you love these fluffy creatures, these pictures taken on the Japanese island of Aoshima will make you go 'aww'.

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6 historical misconceptions even the smartest people still believe 3/15/2019

What color did ninjas wear? How many Spartans there actually were? Did most medieval people die in their thirties? Read on to find all the answers.

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#History #IQ #knowledge

What's it like to live in Antarctica? 3/15/2019

Due to severe weather conditions Antarctica is called "White Mars'. In 2005 a French-Italian research station "Concordia" was built there. 60 people live and work at the station. Let's take a look what their life looks like.

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Don’t trust your eyes: how do optical illusions work? Examples included 3/14/2019

Some optical illusions really blow our minds. However, it’s not easy to understand how these illusions work at once. Let’s get through this!

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6 problems caused by global warming 3/7/2019

Changes in our climate serve as an inspiration for disaster movies. However, in reality the fate of our planet is very similar to film scripts. Here is the list of possible problems that can be triggered by the climate change.

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