These colorful pictures show how people imagined future a century ago 3/6/2019

Sometimes we think about what life will look like 100 years from now, but no one knows the right answer. Anyway, today we know for sure how people of the past imagined our present – and some of these pictures are hilarious.

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10 strange health facts you've never heard of 3/4/2019

Learning something new about our health is very important – it may help you improve your well-being and happiness. Anyway, some facts about the human body, our behavior and habits may surprise you and even make you laugh.

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6 dream jobs that turned out to be a nightmare 3/1/2019

It sounds great when people get their dream jobs. However, there's always the flip side of the coin which is not so pleasant. This is true for the list of jobs you'll find below.

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These 10 meaningful quotes by Rosa Parks will make you think about life 2/27/2019

Rosa Parks was a brave woman who was not afraid to stand against racist segregation laws on her own and mark the beginning of a great change. More than 60 years after her victory, her words of wisdom continue to inspire millions.

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These 15 hidden messages found on everyday objects will make you smile 2/22/2019

People love surprise people, and that's awesome! Take a look at this compilation of hilarious hidden messages and easter eggs left on ordinary items.

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Royal tips to keep you healthy 2/22/2019

Take a look at her Majesty. She is in good health and cheerful. How does she do it? Here you'll find some secrets of royal health.

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What the life of Kim Jong-un's wife looks like: 8 incredible facts 2/21/2019

Ri Sol-ju's life is nothing like that of any other first lady in the world. Very little is known about her, which makes the facts you are going to learn today even more intriguing.

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Everyday rituals of the South Koreans that look surprising to the rest of the world 2/19/2019

This small country keeps attracting millions of tourists every year, and this is not surprising - South Korea is a place of contrasts, where advanced technologies go hand in hand with ancient traditions. How do they do it? Let's find out together.

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