7 kind stories from all over the world that will make your day brighter 1/20/2019

Kindness is magic, and magic is just around the corner sometimes. These 7 touching stories will definitely make you smile.

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This story of a brave woman who saved thousands of children from disability will inspire you 1/19/2019

There were times when no one would listen to the words of a female scientist, but Frances Oldham Kelsey stood her ground, was right and saved thousands of life.... Have you ever heard her inspirational story?

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The origins of these idioms we use every day will surprise you 1/18/2019

There are some surprising stories behind the phrases we are so used to hearing and saying every day... Are you ready to find out more?

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Rare animals you might not have time to see before they go extinct 1/18/2019

In our modern world many animals are endangered or threatened with extinction. Some of them have lost their homes, others can't stand the changing environmental system of the Earth. Actually, we've never even heard of some species. So let's enjoy the company of these animals today.

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The world of ancient mummies - 15 fascinating facts 1/14/2019

Take a look at these mysterious and shocking facts and you'll realize how little you know about the ancient technology of mummification.

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Writers Who Have Succeeded In Older Age 1/13/2019

It is never too late to become a successful writer, painter, entrepreneur, or other. Starting it late is better than giving up your dreams and living an unhappy life.

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5 astonishing facts from history you've probably never heard of 1/10/2019

Some little-known facts from history seem too weird to be true, but they are actually real. The most incredible stories are not taught in school! Read on to find out why history keeps surprising us.

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10 everyday things that will disappear from our life soon 1/9/2019

Computers and cell phones have already changed our everyday life. According to the scientists, in 20 years, humans won't need a lot of things we use on a daily basis now. Read on to find out more.

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Only people with high IQ know if these surprising facts are real or fake 1/5/2019

Do you really understand the importance of fact-checking? Can you tell if these interesting facts are true or false? Test your trivia IQ with this short test!

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#Science #IQ #knowledge

8 strange things that are normal in other cultures 12/31/2018

Laws and traditions that are typical for one country can be shocking for the other. One and the same gesture can mean different things in different cultures. Are you ready to be surprised?

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