Why were dinosaurs so large in size? 12/30/2018

Before we start, what you need to realise is that dinosaurs were definitely large, but not so large.

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The most unfortunate shortcomings of the human body that make our life harder 12/29/2018

The process of natural selection is very complicated. Over the thousands of years, it made our bodies stronger, but some compromises also took place. Read on to find out about the aspects of the human body that make our life difficult sometimes.

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Why do babies learn to crawl before they learn to walk? 12/28/2018

Babies walk or dance before they crawl actually, well sort of, you’ll see.

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What was originally used to make violin strings? 12/27/2018

What do cats, tennis, doctors, cows, and violins have in common? The answer is… catgut!

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The first object you see in this picture will tell a lot about your personality 12/27/2018

The way we see things has a lot to do with our psychology. Take this fun test to find out what the first object you see in the picture can say about you. Remember: don't take it too seriously!

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Some awesome tips to master your conversation skills 12/22/2018

Feel uncertain about how to start a conversation? That is not a reason to avoid social events and it shouldn't stop you from trying to make new friends .Take a look at these psychological tips to improve your skills!

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These old pictures show the beauty of women who lived 100 years ago 12/18/2018

At the beginning of 20th century, there was no Photoshop or plastic surgery, and the beauty icons of those times looked completely different from modern actresses, singers and models. Take a look at these 100-year-old pictures capturing the pure beauty of women who lived a century ago.

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