What is the evolutionary reason why humans are ticklish? 11/23/2018

There are a few ideas about why humans experience ticklishness and there are also two kinds of tickling.

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10 easy and fun things to do to become smarter 11/22/2018

They say smart people aren't born smart. Anyone can acquire new knowledge every day and enjoy the process! Read on to find out more about the ways of getting smarter that are not boring at all.

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Why doesn't Coca Cola sue Pepsi due to copyright infringement? 11/20/2018

First off, congratulations on stumbling upon one of the more interesting cases in intellectual property history!

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Does sound travel faster or slower in space? 11/18/2018

It is often said that sound doesn’t travel in space. And it is true… in empty space.

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Is it okay to refuse to pay for a bottle of wine after tasting it in a restaurant? 11/17/2018

The purpose of the ceremony of the waiter opening a bottle of wine and pouring a bit into your glass is not for you to taste the wine.

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Unforgettable pictures to remind you how breathtaking our planet is 11/16/2018

In the bustle of everyday life we often forget that our planet is unique with its diverse natural beauty. The opportunity to contemplate its creations is a great way to release stress. Take a moment and look at these amazing pictures taken on our planet and delight in its beauty!

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