What sounds extremely wrong, but is actually correct? 11/4/2018

All of the nation of Monaco can fit inside the Indy 500 sports stadium.

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These 12 facts about everything will amaze you 11/4/2018

We learn so much every day, yet the world keeps surprising us all the time. These incredible facts about everything will make your jaw drop!

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How to go to sleep faster? A simple way that works 11/2/2018

Healthy sleep is very important for our mental and physical health. Today a lot of people find it difficult to stick to a correct sleep/wake cycle and have troubles with falling asleep. The main reason is stress caused by modern life. What can we do to reduce it and sleep like a baby?

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5 famous facts about historical figures that are actually myths 10/31/2018

If you love history, you are probably aware of some of the weirdest stories about great historical figures. Most people want to believe these incredible facts, but are they at least half true? Let's figure it out together.

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Which language has the most words and which the least number of words in total? 10/31/2018

This is a very hard question to answer, mostly because the definition of “word” is really, really iffy.

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