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7 great women who were screwed out of history books but shouldn't have been 10/15/2016

You might not know their names, but they have accomplished great things and were responsible for major historical changes.

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#History #inspiration


Heaven for cat lovers - this Japanese island is entirely populated by cats 3/19/2019

If you love these fluffy creatures, these pictures taken on the Japanese island of Aoshima will make you go 'aww'.

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#animals #funny #Nature

Animal facts that will definitely shock you 7/25/2019

You have seen a lot of amazing animals and learnt many surprising facts about them. But do you know what sounds baby rhinos make or who is the closest relative of elephants?

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#animals #knowledge

5 brave and inspiring women who are changing the world right now 6/28/2019

Nothing can stop the women you are going to read about today. They inspire millions of people to take action and work passionately every day to make the world a better place.

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#Society #female #politics #inspiration

A brief but curious story of Charles Dickens 6/17/2020

Have you ever read some of Charles Dickens’s novels? His literary works are still popular nowadays. However, we do not want to sound boring. That’s why we have gathered the most curious facts about Charles Dickens. We bet you didn’t hear them at school!

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#Culture #History #photography

9 frightening real life stories that even science cannot explain 11/26/2020

Have you ever been faced with any situation that you could not fathom, even with all the laws of science? As it turns out, many people have had a similar experience. I'm going to be sharing some of their most bizarre encounters here.

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#Society #spiritual

This social experiment will remind you a life is the most precious thing in the world 6/5/2017

We bet this social experiment will definitely remind you that safety always comes first!

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24 Gifs of dancing birds that will make your day brighter 11/23/2017

Do you feel lazy or tired? It's high time to have fun! Cute birds are performing for you. Let's get some energy from these talented dancers.

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