St. Pierre and Miquelon is a “self-governing territorial overseas collectivity” of France. They are tiny islands in the St. Lawrence river off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. It has a population of 6,080 (January 2011 census). You will require a passport to enter the islands and trade is officially conducted in Euros, though Canadian dollars are widely accepted..

The French spoken on the archipelago is closer to Metropolitan French than to Canadian French

The archipelago of Saint Pierre and Miquelon is composed of eight islands, totalling 242 square kilometres (93 sq mi), and of which only two are inhabited. The islands are bare and rocky, with steep coasts, and only a thin layer of peat to soften the hard landscape.

The vast majority of the population live on the island of St. Pierre, the administrative center for the archipelago. It is the smaller of the two inhabited islands, being 26 square kilometres (10 sq mi) in size.

A third, formerly inhabited island, is Isle-aux-Marins and the other main islands are Grand Colombier, Île aux Vainquers and Île aux Pigeons.

The future of Saint Pierre and Miquelon rests on tourism, fisheries and aquaculture. Explorations are under way to exploit deposits of oil and gas. Tourism relies on the proximity to Canada, while commerce and crafts make up the bulk of the business sector.

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